Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI support critical business needs from automation to augmentation by gaining insight through data analysis and engagement of end-users. Quicktouch provides advisory, ideation, and implementation services to customers in all verticals.

The use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding. Smart systems are penetrating in all areas of business and public life, basing on advanced tools for data collection and analysis, knowledge discovery, forecasting, and decision making. These systems can "think" quickly, independently "perceive" their environment, and operate in dynamically changing conditions. This increases the efficiency and quality of operations. The Quicktouch team has been successfully involved in AI-related projects for several years.

What We offer in AI


Businesses are automating a lot of repetitive and robotic activities in their workflows using RPA and related digital technologies. However, only simple tasks yield to these technologies. With AI, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, and Natural Languages Processing - a whole new set of complex activities can be automated, and businesses can bring significant scale and speed to their workflows..

decision intelligence

Human beings make more than 35,000 decisions a day. Only a fraction of these is optimal. Faced with dynamic market conditions and complex scenarios, an organization has to deal with multiple variables and make optimal, error-free decisions. AI algorithms work efficiently, in almost real-time, to consider all constraints and recommend the most promising alternative.

Changing The World For Better

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are especially critical for analyzing Big Data and making smarter business decisions and more engaging user experiences. Working in the interests of our customers, we use the latest AI and ML tools and techniques to extract as much value from data as possible.

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